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Who We Are

We are a team of educational professionals dedicated to the exploration, research, and dissemination of information pertaining to culturally and linguistically diverse populations. 


Leadership Team

Dionna Latimer-Hearn

Dionna Latimer-Hearn has served as a multilingual speech-language pathologist and educational consultant since 2002, holding positions in France, Illinois, Japan, Maryland and Texas.  In addition to hosting The Culture We Speak, she works as an educational consultant and continuing education provider in support of a number of organizations in the US and abroad.

She is the author of the book Unexpected Places, and is the founder and director of the REACT Initiative, a Christian nonprofit organization that promotes equity in education for historically marginalized populations.  She is also the founder and administrator of RespectTheDialect an online community promoting awareness and understanding of the African American English dialect.                                 See more...

Amy DeLuca
Content Director

Amy DeLuca is a wife and mother of four who lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  She is a graduate of Northwestern University, having majored in Radio, Television and Film with a minor in Spanish.  She has her Master of Arts degree in bilingual/bicultural education.  She is dedicated to promoting cultural and linguistic awareness among educational stakeholders.  Amy currently serves as a dual-language educator in in the Chicagoland area.  She has over 20 years of experience in educating bilingual Spanish-English learners in the elementary school setting.  Amy is also the founder and administrator of a Christian Parenting Facebook community that boasts over 8,500 members.  Her favorite pastimes include listening to podcasts and audiobooks, cooking, and spending time with her family and friends. 

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During pre-production we research, examine contemporary issues, look for disconnects in education and awareness of key information.  Next, we identify individuals who are able to effectively shed light on issues we’d like to address.

What We Do


During production we meet and discuss the issues.  We sit down with professionals to discuss and reframe issues pertinent to a variety of professions.  The overarching purpose is to promote awareness of diverse populations.


In our post-production phase, we want (and need) to hear from you.  We assess impact by analyzing feedback, incorporating suggestions, and ideas into future episodes.  Your engagement is valued and it’s vital to this part of our process.

We exist to promote awareness and understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity on a global scale.  On this platform we examine intersectional identities, we decenter mainstream gaze, and explore the fullness and complexities of cultural-linguistic diversity in contemporary society.

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Dr. Lakeisha Johnson
Episode 1:
Using Language to 
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Ms. Yalanda Ludtke
Episode 2:
Moving Away from a Deficit Mindset
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Episode 3:
Microaggressions in the Profession

Coming soon

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Brandon Williams

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Dionna Latimer-Hearn

Amy DeLuca

Dr. Karen Davis
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